A Lunar Based Chemical Analysis Laboratory


This book is unique in that it focuses on research opportunities afforded by a lunar base, an area of interest to persons involved in both life and planetary sciences. The unique aspects of a lunar base will provide scientists with the opportunity to address a wide range of scientific questions and problems, ranging from the utilization of extraterrestrial resources to the long term effects of reduced gravity. Because of the nature of the subject matter, this book will remain a timely summary of this field for many years to come.

The lunar-based laboratory would be highly automated, and multidisciplinary in concept. Depending on the configuration of the laboratory, the laboratory could perform both research and operational functions for the lunar base. The chemical analysis laboratory would serve life sciences and planetary sciences research programs, and in effect it would be a chemical/biological/ geological/biomedical analysis laboratory.

The book is composed of the proceedings of the Ninth College Park Colloquium on Chemical Evolution. The colloquia “bring together on a regular basis a group of inter-disciplinary scientists interested in basic science related to space exploration. The Ninth Colloquium in the series was devoted to the study of a lunar-based chemical analysis laboratory. The lunar base is deemed the stepping stone and gateway to the human exploration of space.”

Detailed description

    • Policy and Background
      • U.S. Space Program Goals
      • Role of a Lunar Base in Solar System Exploration
      • Role of a Lunar-Based Chemical Analysis Lab
    • Life Sciences Research Opportunities
      • Biomedical Research
      • Gravitational Biology
      • Radiation Biology
      • Operational Medicine
      • Crew Factors
      • Controlled Ecological Life Support
      • Environmental Toxicology
      • Free Radical Aggression
      • Exobiology
      • Chronobiology
      • Near-UV Radiation
      • Human Stress
      • Molecular Mechanisms of Stress
    • Planetary Sciences Research Opportunities
      • Lunar and Planetary Materials and Resources
      • Geological/Selenological Explorations
      • Solar History
    • Operational Aspects
      • Instruments and Analyses
      • Analytical Requirements of a Lunar Base
      • Elemental Analysis Needs
      • Clinical and Diagnostic Requirements
      • Automation and Robotics
      • Data Management Systems

ISBN 0-937194-25-5, 1992, Hardcover, 296 pages


This book details the conceptualization of the Lunar Based Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

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